Can You Put A Pizza Box In The Oven?

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You ordered too much pizza, and there was still leftover. You decided to store it in the oven for the next consumption. However, can you put a pizza box in the oven?

Yes, you can. It is safe to oven the cardboard box, but only if you follow simple rules and comprehend the limitations.

This article will explain reheating pizza boxes in detail. Let’s join us and learn how to deal with your food! 

Can You Put A Pizza Box In The Oven?

Can You Put A Pizza Box In The Oven? 

You can put the box in the oven, but remember to be cautious of the temperature. 

The standard pizza box is relatively thin, with a parchment paper lining on the base. At roughly 400°F, each of these materials may catch fire. 

The flammable elements might result in a fire danger if you unintentionally turn the oven too high.  

Even if the box didn’t burn up, the intense heat would most certainly cause your pizza to burn.

There are five main reasons why putting the box in the oven is possible but not ideal:

Fire hazard

Due to external elements such as plastics and metals, or because most people are not cautious enough, the cardboard has a very high chance of catching fire. This incident might result in property damage as well as injuries.

Irregular heating

The pizza is inside the box. Hence, there is a high risk of undercooking and overcooking. 

You won’t be able to monitor the cooking process because of the box, and you can end up with a burned pizza.


The substances in the box might melt and poison the pizza. The inks for design or the thinner chemicals within the box might be among these substances. 

Consumption of these compounds regularly can lead to long-term illnesses, such as cancer.

Taste change

The inks, cardboard, and chemicals that leaked into your food may induce a change in flavor, with metallic accents substituting the original taste.

How To Put The Pizza Box In The Oven Safely?

How To Put The Pizza Box In The Oven Safely

If your oven doesn’t feature a warm setting, you shouldn’t think about putting the pizza box inside it.

Generally, even when the oven is working with a gentle heat setting, it’s still hot for the box. Unfortunately, it’s a common misunderstanding that, if not addressed, may quickly cause more severe issues.

If you opt to store your food warm in the oven with the box, keep the oven temperature below 200°F. The optimum temperature range is 150 to 200°F.

We recommend not leaving the pizza in the oven for too long at this temperature. A storing time of 10 to 15 minutes is enough. 

If you want to try, here are some helpful tips: 

  • Never bake the box for more than half an hour.
  • Keep a constant temperature of 150 to 200°F.
  • Always start by preheating your oven.
  • When possible, search out other alternatives. 
  • When it is not working, use a closed oven to keep your food warm. 
  • Be aware that the chemicals in the pizza box may impact your food.
  • Those boxes are unlikely to catch fire until they reach roughly 400°F.

It won’t harm to put it in the oven on moderate heat for 10 minutes, especially if you obey the previous instructions.

Best Way To Reheat Your Pizza

Best Way To Reheat Your Pizza

The rule of thumb is to take it out of the box and reheat the pizza only. You can choose one of these methods.

Use a tin foil or baking sheet

Start by preheating the oven to 350 degrees. Then, set the pizza pieces on the heated baking sheet once they reach that temperature range. 

Finally, bake your food for five to seven minutes before serving.

Instead, you can replace the baking sheet with tin foil and use the same method. 

Wrap your pizza with tin foil and place it directly in the oven. This approach offers you a crispy pie and a virtually fresh flavor!

It’s important to remember that heating at an excessively high temperature can cause the pizza to burn on the bottom. 

Use a microwave

Using a microwave is by far the fastest method to deal with pizza left overnight. It requires less than one minute for each slice. You can get a delicious crispy piece of hot pizza by following one easy tip.

When it comes to heating pizzas in the microwave, there’s a wonderful way to prevent soggy and floppy pizza.

  • Throw a coffee mug half full of water into the microwave with your pizza. Then, you can achieve an ultra-quick and virtually new from the oven texture and taste.
  • Remember to place the cup next to or under your pizza and center the plate on top of the cup. 
  • Heat for 30 seconds at high temperature for the first slice and 15 seconds for each next one. 

As you reheat your pieces, this tip miraculously reduces the sogginess, giving you a perfectly reheated pie!

Use a stovetop

First, prepare a fry fan with a lid. A cast skillet would work best, but any fry pan can suffice. Now, follow these steps: 

  • Warm up your pan on the stovetop. Cook for about two minutes after putting your pizza pieces in the pan.
  • Pour in approximately a teaspoon of water. Then, cover the fry pan with the lid. 
  • Allow the steam to do its job, then lift the lid and inspect your pizza after one or two minutes. 

The steam approach ensures that the slices cook evenly and that all toppings are done to perfection.

Final Words

Putting the whole pizza box in the oven seems convenient. However, if you don’t know how it works, you may end up with a mess or even a burn. 

Alternatively, you can try some other methods to reheat your food safely. They can help you save time and provide delicious hot pizza. 

Hopefully, the information above can assist you in storing and enjoying your food even when you are dealing with the leftovers. 

Thank you for reading! 

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